New! Family & Economy Packs Available!

OWL Open Window for Life™
  • Works with the flick of your finger

    Revolutionary Design. Flat Out Better!

    From every angle...   

    • More powerful than spring loaded device.  
    • No pounding. No springs. Proprietary design uses sound waves to shatter window.
    • The card does all the work for you. 
    • Designed so the glass breaks outward. Away from you. 
    • Uses superior components, carbide tip and stainless steel. 
    • Recessed seat belt cutter needs no cap. Ready to use in emergency. Cuts belts not fingers.
    • Holder simply sticks to your visor. No screws or brackets to install.
    • Proudly made in USA 🇺🇸
    • Certified.  Guaranteed.

    New OWL®Orange