Press Release 11/05/2019

OWL Safety Innovations announces Licensing Partnership with General Tools & Instruments


General Tools looks to advance car safety with the OWL® Car Escape Tool. 

[Secaucus, NJ – November 5, 2019] General Tools and OWL® Safety Innovations are pleased to announce a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with the OWL® Open Window for Life Car Escape Tool; a proven revolution in car escape tools.  

 What is the OWL® Car Escape Tool? 

 The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports there are over 6 Million documented car accidents every day in the U.S. Injuries and fatalities resulting from car accidents can happen when the passengers are trapped in the car, a car fire or various other reasons. The OWL® Car Escape Tool was invented specifically to help those trapped due to these types of accidents.  

Other car escape tools are often impractical in size, shape and functionality. Hammers, key-chain tools and multi-tool car phone chargers are often bulky, complicated, dangerous and difficult to access immediately following an accident. The OWL® is a credit card sized escape tool that is more powerful than spring loaded devices and more reliable than traditional hammers which can be difficult to swing and ineffective a passenger’s mobility is compromised. The OWL® only requires the strength of 2 fingers and the ability to pull the card back less than 2” once inserted between the door and the window channel, to break tempered side window glass in an emergency. The recessed seat belt cutter utilizes a safety blade to protect the user and is the fastest method of cutting a safety belt in an emergency. The OWL® fits perfectly on a car visor or even in your pocket, allowing quick, easy access when needed. 

“The OWL® is an innovative, yet simple device that provides drivers and passengers with a reliable method to escape a vehicle in an emergency. There are three items we never leave the house without; our phones, wallets and keys. The OWL® should be the fourth item we never leave home without.” says Ralph Mallozzi, President of General Tools. “Our children, our family, our friends and each one of us are drivers or passengers every day. The OWL® could be the difference between life and death in the event of a car accident.” James Alexander, Inventor & President of OWL® Safety Innovations invented the product after a local tragedy brought his attention to the need for a better, more effective method of escaping a car accident. “We invented the OWL® to help save lives in an emergency and we are excited to partner with General Tools to increase awareness, availability and distribution, so that everyone has access to an OWL® for the purpose of personal safety in the event of an accident.”

Features of the OWL: 

  • Flat, Sleek, Compact – credit card size car escape tool, fits into your pocket, wallet or on your car visor
  • Light and Powerful – more powerful than old fashioned spring loaded device, weighs less than 1 oz.
  • Recessed Safety Seat Belt Cutter – Aligned for a precise cutting angle. Cuts through seat belts w/minimal effort 
  • Patented Design – Requires minimal strength to use, stores conveniently within reach and is easily portable

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