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OWL Open Window for Life™
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    Emergency Auto Escape Tool Window Breaker with Recessed Seat Belt Cutter. Made in USA. 

    Accidents happen. Too often. Protect yourself and loved ones from car entrapment.

    If you found yourself in a situation where you need to break your car's side window, what would you do? Your first instinct may be to  panic. But the good news is now there is a credit card size escape tool that you can keep handy on your visor to break the window with just a snap of your finger. This is the only window breaker that doesn't require brute force, it's state of the art, works on sound waves, no pounding. OWL® is manufactured right here in the USA and made with superior components (stainless steel and tungsten carbide) to shatter the glass. Plus, it also includes a recessed blade that slices through seat belts instantly. Offered with a holder that adheres to your visor. OWL® is for those of us that appreciate the value of tools designed to improve on old methods and ways of doing things, and do it better. Fully guaranteed. 

    Get Out Alive. Works with a Snap.

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    Many of our customers purchase OWL® after owning different escape tools or as a first time purchase after doing extensive research on window breakers & escape tools and determine that OWL® best fits their needs based on value, quality, usability, functionality and design. OWL® is the only flat credit card window breaker device sold in the world. We offer single packs, two packs and family four packs. Orange , green, pink or black  holders are available. Each OWL® comes with direction label and 100% guarantee.

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