Welcome to OWL Open Window for Life™

New Generation Emergency Auto Escape Tool. Made in USA. 

Amazing!! Breaks window with a snap. Slices through jammed seat belts.

OWL™ The Only Flat Credit Card Size Escape Tool

Watch how easy to use , no hammers, no pounding, takes no strength to use. Protect yourself & your family.

As seen on NBC 11 Alive News ... OWL™

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I saw this on the news and was so impressed, I  purchased your product for everyone I care about, including my kids and grandkids, my co workers...everyone I care about should have this. Thank you so much for inventing this great tool. Dr. Ellsworth 


This is Awesome 💕  why didn't anyone think of this before? A card you stick on your visor  to avoid becoming trapped. I recommend OWL to all my friends, they can't thank me enough.

Julie, Car Seat Safety Group


I can tell you OWL is perfect because it's within reach and easy to use when people are in a panic situation. OWL should be on everyone's visor. Don, EMT

⭐️ ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

I never had one of these tools in my car or on my keychain, don't even carry a keychain, I really don't want a big hammer around with my kids in the car so OWL fits my needs.   Cynthia, Regional Sales Rep


I feel smarter and safer having this!!! I spend 15 hours a week in my car. 

Andy, Frustrated Commuter


 Love, love, love the hot pink color very pretty and easy to spot , same with the green!!  Alison, Brand New Mom

"How to Use" ...watch these two videos

Now watch us break our own car window using OWL™ Open Window for Life.   Click here.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to protect and save lives. OWL™ is a patent protected new generation auto safety escape tool   window breaker with seat belt cutter device. OWL™ is the most innovative escape tool available. Our mission is to see OWL™Open Window for Life as standard equipment in every vehicle on the road world wide.  OWL™ 's portable design allows you to stay safe where ever you travel, as driver or passenger. OWL™ provides you with a quick, simple way to escape from your car in an emergency situation. No one should ever be trapped in a vehicle again. We are committed to:

  • Product excellence
  • Providing service that exceeds expectations
  • Innovative problem solving
  • Social responsibility and making a positive difference
  • Honesty, integrity and ethics in every aspect of our business
  • American manufacturing (ISO 9001 Manufacturing and ANSY Y14.5M 1994 Compliant Standards). 

OWL Safety Innovations LLC