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OWL Open Window for Life™
  • This is Why You Need an Escape Tool. Why Buy OWL®?

    Because you need the best tool for the job. Your life depends on it.

    Often we hear :

    "I know I should have this and I have been thinking about buying it for a while".  We hope that you are never in a situation where OWL® will become necessary to escape your vehicle in order to save your life, but if you are, your life will depend on your decision today. You won’t be able to purchase it during  the emergency. Your decision to purchase the best tool is right now, before the situation occurs. Here is what went into the creation of OWL® emergency escape tool.

    • Forty-five cumulative years product design and manufacturing experience.
    • Two years of prototyping and experimentation. 
    • Two years of evaluation for effectiveness, ease of use and handleability. 
    • Bureau Veritas testing & certification for consumer expectations, required safety, regulatory and government standards globally.
    • Hundreds of experiments held in “development laboratories”.  
    • Consultations with Engineers, EMTs and Consumers from USA, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain & Japan.
    • What you get: Our final product, OWL®, manufactured in the US, patented design, built with superior components; a reusable window breaker and seat belt cutter that is fully guaranteed. You'll also get responsive customer service. 

    Many of our customers purchase OWL® after owning other escape tools or as their first time purchase upon researching escape tools and determining what best fits their needs.  OWL® is smart, who would guess there would be a credit card tool designed that could shatter tempered windows?  It's state of the art. It's for those of us that appreciate the value of things designed to improve on old methods of doing things and do it better.


    Such  a good idea, why doesn't this already come with the car? 

    Your escape tool is awesome! It's shape allows it to be a part of the  car, as if it's built in. I hate to admit that the reason I never kept a  hammer or key chain tool in my car was because I did not like the  looks, foolish, I know. But I guess it took a design like this to get me  to buy one for myself and everyone in my family.  -Debbie  


    We tested this and it works-FAST!! 

    Tested this at my son in law's junk yard, I am here to tell you, that card  works!! And fast!! -John 

    Protect Your Loved Ones


    I carry OWL with me because I am in Ubers all the time! 

    I bought my OWL to travel with, I take taxies and Ubers in many  different cities so enough said. I carry my OWL on my phone case and  feel extra safe having it there. Highly recommend to travelers. -Emma


    EMT approved and recommended

     My husband bought 2 packs of OWLs, one for me and each of our daughters,  he is an EMT and assists and rescues people from their vehicles all the  time, he knows the importance of an escape tool. The day they came in  the mail, he stuck each OWL to our car visors and made us practice with a  credit card so we will know what to do if an emergency happe

    ns. Everyone should have one on their visor.  -Allison

    abc Consumer News Report OWL® Better than Hammer

    Consumer News Reporter with abc compares OWL® to a popular car hammer. It does not break the window. OWL® shatters glass in split second and slices the seat belt. The reporter also uses a household hammer which does work, but where do you store it in your car? It will become a flying weapon in case of a car accident. Concludes OWL® is better.

    OWL Safety Innovations