OWL® Seat Belt Cutter Superior Design



 High quality tool, nicely made would recommend to all my friends   

 This small recessed seat belt cutter is what really got me. I watched  the videos of the man cutting the nylon safety belts again and again and  how it glided right through so easily. As soon as I got my OWL, I tried  it out, three times in fact , and it works just like when he did it. No  matter how you grab the card, you cannot cut your own fingers.

Love this thing! -Judy


Great credit card safety tool! 

 I received my OWL yesterday and it is just like pictured, quality  little tool, can't cut finger on the little blade at all and it really  works, I tested it on a piece of paper, sliced right through! Stuck it  to my visor and feel very safe having it there just in case, giving the other one to my Mom!  -Jane


Saw this OWL card belt cutting demo for real at a Preparedness show in Texas

It works better than my big knife, it glides through, no sawing, I bought a two pack. -Randy

OWL® Seat Belt Cutter

Designed at the perfect cutting angle, OWL®'s recessed seat belt cutter slices through nylon belts again and again. The SK2 hardened tool steel is the benchmark of blade steel. Our special design allows you to cut effortlessly and needs no cap because it is recessed.  This premium precision blade can be used multiple times on many different belts.

EMT demo from Sweden. So Easy!

Seat belt cutting demo from Japan. Premium Blade.

Video shows man cutting seat belt effortlessly in Japan. To use OWL® seat belt cutter, grab card, insert belt into edge of blade use downward motion and slice through seat belt.