About OWL® Window Breaker Seat Belt Cutter


  • OWL® is the only credit card size car window breaker with recessed seat belt cutter. OWL® works completely different than any other escape tool available on the market. OWL® was invented because there was an obvious need for a small convenient tool that is easy to use in case we get trapped in our own vehicle or a hired ride. There is always a better way and OWL® Open Window for Life is the better car escape card for today's life style. OWL® was invented and sells world-wide.  All the other escape tools are out dated, in size, shape and functionality. Hammers, key chain tools and multi tool car phone chargers are bulky,  old fashioned , dangerous and impractical. OWL® is a  smart tool, it uses uses the energy of the window itself not physical force. It's size and shape make it readily available in case of  an emergency. OWL® fits perfectly on a car visor or in your pocket. It's amazing that a flat credit card size tool is this powerful. OWL® is manufactured in USA and tested and certified by Bureau Veritas (international testing agency). Patented.



 OWL® Open Window for Life Emergency Escape Tool window breaker with recessed seat belt cutter is USPTO and Internationally Patent protected. Manufactured in USA .

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