James Alexander, Director Product Development

  • The local news story that revealed the unfortunate fate of a woman that drowned in her SUV because she was unable to escape through her car window, inspired Jim to reinvent the wheel...or in this case invent a better escape tool. It was clear that a flat credit card size tool , readily available, on your phone or right on your visor is what is needed. The old fashioned inconvenient or unaccessible, bulky tools that require strength were outdated. A smart tool, using the energy of the window itself not physical force should be in everyone's car in case of an emergency. A tool using no moving parts (springs) that may misfire; would be the best tool for the job.  With a background in ultra sound medical device inventions, Jim created just such a device. A window breaker that uses no moving parts and takes no strength to use; it works by using the stored energy within the glass to shatter the window for you. It took about two years to develop and now OWL® escape tool is available around the world. OWL® fits perfectly on a car visor, and breaks tempered windows with the snap of a finger. It is amazing that a flat credit card size tool is this powerful. OWL®  is manufactured in the USA for the highest quality control of each and every  unit. Tragedy may have inspired Jim, but now OWL Safety Innovations brings you an escape tool that prevents more of these events from happening.  

About OWL® Watch this News Report

NBC Chief Investigative Reporter Brendan Keefe report on OWL® invention. Full story here.


 OWL® Open Window for Life Emergency Escape Tool (window breaker with recessed seat belt cutter) is patent protected and made in the USA .

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