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OWL Open Window for Life™
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    James Alexander, Director Product Development


    The local news story that revealed the unfortunate fate of a woman that drowned in her SUV because she was unable to escape through her car window, inspired Jim to reinvent the wheel...or in this case invent a better escape tool. With a background in ultra sound medical device inventions, Jim created a window breaker that uses no moving parts and takes no strength to use; it works by using the stored energy within the glass to shatter the window for you.  It took about a year to develop and now  OWL® escape tool is available around the world. 

    OWL® fits perfectly on a car visor, and breaks tempered windows with the snap of a finger. It is amazing that a flat credit card size tool is this powerful. Our state of the art manufacturing technologies create a consistently high quality and affordable product that uses superior components. We manufacturer OWL®  in the USA for the highest quality control of each and every OWL® unit. We know that your life depends on it.

    Our engineering , design and marketing teams are  committed and very proud to be producing the best escape tool available. 

    OWL® escape tool is a lot of things, awesome, cool, powerful and pretty, but one thing it's not ... is a gadget. It’s a revolutionary innovative better window breaking  device. Tragedy may have inspired Jim, but now OWL Safety Innovations brings you a life saving tool that prevents more of these events from happening. 


    About OWL® Watch News Report

    NBC Chief Investigative Reporter Brendan Keefe report on OWL® invention. Full story here.

    Our Mission is to protect and save lives.  

     OWL®  is patent protected and made in the USA with superior components. Our  mission is to see OWL® as standard equipment in every vehicle on the  road world wide.  OWL®'s flat credit card design allows you to stay safe  where ever you travel, as driver or passenger. OWL® provides you with a  quick, simple way to escape from your car in an emergency. 

    We are committed to: 

    • Product excellence
    • Providing service that exceeds expectations
    • Innovative problem solving
    • Social responsibility and making a positive difference
    • Honesty, integrity and ethics in every aspect of our business
    • American manufacturing (ISO 9001 Manufacturing and ANSY Y14.5M 1994 Compliant Standards).