OWL™ put's the "Open" in Open Window for Life

OWL Open Window for Life™ patent protected design is amazing. You don't need a big hammer or spring activated device anymore to break safety glass windows in an emergency.

OWL adheres discreetly to your visor, so it's within close reach. OWL™ is the best gift you can give  yourself and someone you love. Available in single and two pack .

Keep your loved ones safe.

OWL More powerful than a spring loaded device and it breaks safety glass with just a flick of a finger. OWL has a recessed  razor blade that slices through jammed seat belts instantly. There's no cap to remove, it's ready to use. 

Proudly made in USA. OWL™Open Window for Life is manufactured with the highest quality materials.

  • OWL  new and different. It is a flat, sleek escape tool that discreetly stays on your car visor in case of emergency. 
  • OWL  works  on the principles of physics, it does not require brute force to work; the card acts as a spring to easily and quickly break safety glass windows for your quick exit to safety.
  • OWL 's revolutionary design & technology uses no moving parts. 
  • OWL is made with the highest grade materials.
  • OWL  More powerful than spring  loaded devices. It works with just the flick of a finger. 
  • OWL is designed so that the window glass breaks outward, away from you.
  • The recessed seat belt cutter is designed so no cap is needed, this makes it available and ready to use in a panic situation.
  • OWL comes with it's own holder that adheres discreetly to your visor or cell phone case. No need to drill brackets into your car.
  • This way you'll have it right where and when you need it. 
  • OWL  Flat. Out. Better.
  • Made in USA 🇺🇸
  • Mission Statement

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