OWL® Auto Emergency Escape Tool About Us

OWL® Open Window for Life's patent protected design is amazing! Works on sound waves. You don't need a hammer or spring activated device anymore to break safety glass windows.

OWL® sticks  to your visor,  OWL® the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.

Keep your loved ones safe.

OWL® has a recessed  razor blade that slices through jammed seat belts instantly. There's no cap to remove, it's ready to use. 

Proudly made in USA. OWL® Open Window for Life is manufactured with the highest quality materials.

  • OWL® 's design is perfect for quick easy access in emergencies. This flat, sleek escape tool works on sound waves, it does not require brute force to shatter glass.
  • OWL® is  made with superior components.
  • OWL®'s revolutionary design & technology uses no moving parts yet it's  more powerful than spring  loaded devices. 
  • OWL® is designed so that the window glass breaks outward, away from you.
  • The seat belt cutter is recessed, no cap needed, quick & easy to use in emergencies. 
  • OWL® 's holder sticks to your visor or cell phone case. No need to drill brackets into your car.
  • OWL® Flat Out Better.
  • Made in USA 🇺🇸


Why was OWL® Invented?

Chief Investigative Reporter Brendan Keefe  report on OWL® invention. Full story here.