How to Use OWL® Window Breaker Escape Card

Remove OWL® Car window breaker Escape Card  from visor.

Use the recessed razor to slice seat belt in downward motion.

Insert OWL® card into upper or side window channel as far as it goes. Arrow up, point side facing glass. 

Pull bottom of OWL® card towards you and release.

OWL® card breaks glass outward.

We recommend practicing with a credit card once . Run through these motions with your cc. Your credit card will not break your window, but you will be experienced if an emergency should arise.

OWL® auto escape tool video displays women using tool to shatter safety glass window. Car window shatters with a snap of the OWL® card.

Demo from inside as an Escape Tool.

Window Breaking demo from Japan.

Video of man in Japan using OWL® from side window channel to shatter glass. 

EMT slices a seat belt from Sweden.